In a state as vibrant as New York and a borough as diverse as Brooklyn, there are countless issues that affect and matter deeply to our community. But as I've spoke to many friends and neighbors, there are some issues that almost every voter raises. These include the issues listed on this page, and many others.

This campaign will be about the issues facing our neighborhoods and how EVERYONE in our community is affected by them. Check back often for more details about these issues and more.

Making Albany Accountable Again

For decades, New York has been mired in dysfunction that hurt its citizens and made our state the punch line to too many jokes. We deserve nothing less than the most ethical, honest, and accountable state government in the nation.

I believe that the source of most, if not all, of the abuses of political power stem from the presence of too much money in the system. Some elected officials amass most of their hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from corporations and PACs, diluting the influence of individual voters. These politicians spend their days doing the bidding of their donors instead of serving the people who elect them. Real campaign finance reform will go a long way to cleaning up the stink of Albany politics.

Check back soon for more details about my ideas on how we can reform Albany and get the state government we deserve.

Safe Roads and Reliable Transit

Transportation is one of the most important quality of life issues facing our city. Subway and bus riders, drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all impacted by the choices Albany politicians make - and don't make - about transit issues. Unfortunately, too many of those decisions are made from the top down, without any say from those of us who have to live with the results of a failing subway system and dangerous roadways.

Check back soon for more details about my ideas on transportation, mass transit, and pedestrian safety.

Ensuring Economic Fairness for All

One in every three children in New York are living in poverty. For millions of working and middle class families, just getting by is a daily struggle. I strongly believe that no one who works full-time should be living in poverty or feel as if they are.

Rather than working to solve these critical problems, our current State Senator has ignored working and middle class families while defending millionaires and weakening rent laws. Our government can and should help New Yorkers secure a sturdy footing during tough times. It can’t solve every problem, but there are things it can do to help stop the squeeze on our families and businesses.

Check back soon for more details about my ideas on how to support our local economy so that everyone has an opportunity for prosperity.

Strengthening our Education System

A proud graduate of Fort Hamilton High School and CUNY Hunter College, I know that a world-class public education for our kids is essential to our community’s success. It’s the most important service that government can offer and has made the American dream possible for millions of citizens. Each and every student in New York City deserves a shot at that dream, and we should not be satisfied until we can deliver it.

We can’t control every factor that affects student performance, but there are ways we can make sure our students are getting the best education possible. First among these are reducing class size, putting a great teacher in every classroom, and making sure we are preparing our children for the 21st century.

Check back soon for more details about my ideas for education across our city and state.

Affordable Housing is the Bedrock of Strong Communities

Too many New Yorkers are just one or two paychecks away from losing the roof over their heads. And too many homeowners are feeling the crush of rising property taxes that make it harder and harder each year to stay in their neighborhood.

Unlike our current state senator, who believes in giving real estate tax breaks to Manhattan billionaires, I believe that we need to aggressively work to strengthen rent laws and reform the property tax system so that working and middle class families can stay in their homes, and so that seniors can stay in their lifelong community throughout their golden years.

Check back soon for more details about my ideas on how to preserve and protect our housing stock and how to keep our neighborhoods affordable.