SEIU 32BJ Backs Andrew Gounardes

for New York State Senate


Brooklyn, NY, July 2, 2018 —Today, SEIU 32BJ formally endorsed Andrew Gounardes for New York State Senate. 32BJ SEIU is one of the largest unions in New York, with 80,000 members in New York City and Long Island including office cleaners, apartment building workers, security officers, window cleaners, theater and stadium cleaners, and public school workers.

“I’m honored to have the support of 32BJ SEIU. While Marty Golden is busy giving tax breaks to luxury condo owners in Manhattan, I’m laser-focused on helping working- and middle-class families in our community,” Gounardes said. “No one should have to work two or three jobs just to put a roof over their heads, sell cupcakes to pay for their medical treatments, or suffer from the skyrocketing costs of childcare. For over a century unions have fought for the wages, benefits, and rights that paved the pathway out of poverty for millions of New Yorkers.  I will do everything in my power to support unions and ensure that a better New York is in our future.”

SEIU pledged that their members will get involved in political action this year to remind voters, candidates and elected officials that New York needs unions to build the middle class.

“Right now, more than ever, New York State needs champions of that will fight for workers’ rights,” said Hector Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU.  “Union members are focused on electing progressive candidates to represent working New Yorkers in Albany. In the face of unprecedented attacks on working families, we are endorsing candidates who will fight for good jobs and help more New Yorkers join and form unions.  Together we will champion legislation to protect immigrant communities, defend voting rights and access, achieve bail reform, and stand up for policies to protect the environment.”

Gounardes has already been endorsed by the local chapter of United Automobile Workers, the District 1 chapter of Communications Workers of America, Former Council Member Vincent Gentile, Assembly Member Peter Abbate, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, Bay Ridge Democrats, the Brooklyn Young Democrats, the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, the Southern Brooklyn Democrats, the Stars & Stripes Democratic Club, the Chairperson of the Kings County Democrats Frank Seddio and Run for Something.


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