Advancing New York City’s Technology

Our world is changing for the better right before our eyes. Technology opens up new ways to improve medicine, transport, our quality of life. At the forefront of many of these changes is the internet. An open and free internet is essential to a large majority of our daily functions. It’s how our children research and learn about the world, it’s how we communicate with family and friends, and it’s how many of us get our jobs done. These functions, along with the general advancement of technology in New York City, can’t be stifled by partisan special interests.

My plan to support our technologically advancing city includes:

  • Supporting state legislation that ensures net neutrality so our communities don’t have to deal with internet providers selectively throttling service, deciding when, how, and how much we view content.
  • Providing students with high speed and high quality in-school internet so children who don’t have internet at home can participate in our technology-centric school curriculum. 
  • Facilitating New York City’s transition into a smart city so we can bring our city into the 21st century.