Fighting to Keep Housing Affordable for All

Too many New Yorkers are just one or two paychecks away from losing the roof over their heads. They are feeling the crush of rising property taxes which makes it harder and harder each year for them to stay in their homes. There are clear steps that Albany can take to improve the situation, but has neglected to.

My plan to fight to keep housing affordable for all includes: 

  • Providing tax relief to working class families, so that rising property taxes and rents don’t force our neighbors out of their homes.
  • Drafting legislation to legalize basement apartments and improve existing conditions, so families aren’t displaced and current tenement-like conditions can be eliminated.
  • Enacting a first time home buyer assistance program that lets people save for their first down payment tax-free, just like we do for college savings plans. 
  • Repealing the Urstadt Law which allows upstate politicians who are in the pockets of the real estate lobby to have more control over our rent laws than NYC does.