Cleaning Up Corruption in Albany

The influence of big money from corporations and PACs in elections has corroded our political system and diluted the voices of individual voters.  Too many politicians are beholden to donors and special interests, prioritizing their needs over those of their constituents. We need to reform our campaign finance laws to limit the influence of corporations and special interests and change the culture of Albany restricting their reliance on backroom deals so voters, not donors or political insiders matter most. 

My plan to clean up corruption in Albany includes: 

  • Eliminating the corrosive effect of money in politics by enacting public financing of our elections, so that our politicians stop catering to donors who donate tens of thousands of dollars and focus on the people who elect them.

  • Passing the “Golden Rule” and stopping politicians from spending campaign funds for personal use or at family businesses, because politicians are in office to serve us, not themselves.

  • Strengthening and supporting independent investigations of corruption and campaign finance violations.

  • Ending backroom deals for special elections by changing how candidates are nominated to fill vacant seats, so that voters get to decide who runs and who doesn’t run for office.

  • Being accessible and transparent to all constituents by holding regular town halls and keeping my office open during nights and weekends so constituents can have their voices heard at their convenience.