Community Engagement

My parents raised me to believe that community is everything. Community is not just about the physical neighborhoods we live in but the intangible qualities that bind us all together and allow us all to live rich, vibrant lives. We have great communities across southern Brooklyn, but we can always do more to strengthen and improve the communities we create and find new ways to bring us all together.

A major theme of my campaign is to make sure that everyone can feel as if they belong in our community, regardless of who they are, where they come from, when they came here, who they love, what their faith is, and what they believe in. As your next state senator, this will be a fundamental component of how my office operates.

My plan to strengthen and improve community engagement across southern Brooklyn includes:

  • Sponsoring community events across our entire district so that we always have great opportunities to share community fun with each other. We all love our concerts, movies, and street festivals, but there are more things we can do, too! For example, we can find ways to engage our diverse populations and creating new events that highlight different cultures, music, foods, and art. See my Arts & Culture platform for more ideas.

  • Starting a “Three for the Community!” community service campaign where we encourage everyone to take three different actions each week to improve our community. This can be as simple as shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk, volunteering for a park cleanup, or supporting a community non-profit. There’s no shortage of things we can all do, big and small, to improve our community. Just imagine how powerful it would be if we could say that every week we’ve collectively taken hundreds or thousands of actions to serve our community!

  • Sponsoring workshops and trainings for block associations and community non-profits so they can learn how to get started and get expert advice on how to operate successfully.

  • Holding “Senator on the Street” office hours throughout the district and having “open house” office hours so that anyone in the community who needs help can quickly and easily meet with me.

  • Keeping evening and weekend office hours so that people who work during the day can always come into my office and get the assistance they need.  

  • Hosting quarterly town hall meetings because I want to always hear from the community what issues are top of mind and how we can work together to make improvements in our community.  

  • Hosting an annual “Community Convention” so people across our district can meet each other, share information, and learn about the different ideas, projects, and initiatives happening across our neighborhoods.  

  • Highlight the work of local artists by displaying their artwork in our Albany and district offices on a rotating basis. All those who visit us will be able to share in one of the many facets that make our district unique.

  • Hiring full-time multi-lingual staff so that every person in our district can feel comfortable contacting our office with their concerns.

  • Providing a weekly update on what’s happening up in Albany during legislative sessions, because everyone should know what’s happening in our state government even though the capital is 150 miles away.