Ensuring Economic Fairness for All

One in every three children in New York is living in poverty. For millions of working and middle class families, getting by is a daily struggle. No one who works full-time should be living in poverty. Our government can and should help New Yorkers secure a sturdy footing if they fall on hard times. Although the government can't solve every problem, it can certainly do it's part to act as a safety net for all its citizens. 

My plan to ensure economic fairness for all includes:

  • Supporting a living wage, so that every-day New Yorkers don’t have to choose between their next meal and paying rent.
  • Helping small businesses grow, because family-owned, small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy. 
  • Establishing a progressive tax structure, which makes the rich pay their fair share in taxes, so that safety net programs and utilities that everyday New Yorkers utilize can stay in place.