Combating Climate Change

For decades, scientists have warned us about the long-term effects of manmade pollution on our planet. It’s becoming more and more common to experience catastrophic weather events, unpredictable agricultural growing seasons, droughts, floods, fires, and rising sea levels. Climate change is undeniably one of the biggest threats to society, wildlife, and the economy in New York and the world.

As we watch oceans rise, beautiful shoreline communities such as Bath Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach are sitting ducks in the face of the next big superstorm. I believe we can and should lead the nation in protecting the planet. Unless we act now, future generations will pay for our negligence.

Here’s my plan to combat climate change:

  • Invest in research and adoption of alternative energy sources like solar and wind. We must stop prolonging the state’s reliance on expensive and unsafe fossil fuels or biomass.

  • Support the Climate and Community Protection Act to transition to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050. Currently only 4% of our electricity comes from solar and wind. We can and should be much more aggressive in transforming to a renewable energy-based economy. This isn’t just good for the environment. This is good for our economy.

  • Ensure New York’s remaining coal-fired power plants are closed. I will make sure that New York’s dirtiest energy generation sources can responsibly and quickly retire. I’ll also provide resources and job training for workers and communities affected by the retiring power plants and require fair labor standards for any new clean energy jobs that receive funding from the state.

  • Support legislation to require the State’s annual Tax Expenditure Report to include an enumeration and evaluation of all fossil fuel related tax expenditures to allow us to identify and end counterproductive state fossil fuel subsidies that cost us money and harm the environment.  

  • Invest in flood barriers that protect against rising sea levels and storm surges. Everyday without protections we are at massive risk of expensive and life-threatening disaster.

  • Pass legislation that permanently bans Hydraulic-Fracturing or “Fracking” in NY. Although the Governor has banned this process, we need laws on the books to ensure no one can allow this kind of process to happen in NY no matter what.

  • Make corporate polluters pay for the damage they’ve caused to our communities and the environment. Whether it’s oils spills in the oceans, toxic chemicals in the drinking water, or carcinogens in the air, I will hold corporate polluters financially responsible for their actions.