Fighting for Gender Equality

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Gender inequality is a reality. All women are entitled to social, political, economic, and bodily equality. In NY, women earn only 89 cents for every dollar a man makes; this gap only increases for women of color. This is unacceptable. New York should lead the way in equalizing the playing field for women.

My plan to equalize opportunities for women includes:

  • Closing the male-female wage gap by making it illegal for employers to ask for salary history, something that disproportionately impacts women. 
  • Condemning and punishing sexual harassment in the workplace so that everyone can go to work without fear for their bodily integrity or their professional reputation.
  • Eliminating the pink tax on products like pads and tampons so that women don’t have to spend more than men on basic hygiene. 
  • Taking firearms away from domestic abusers so that women no longer have to fear for their lives in encounters with abusive men.