There is a direct link between what happens in Albany and what happens in Southern Brooklyn. From funding for public education, to the MTA, to public safety, jobs and housing, state policies and leadership have very real effects on our lives here at home. Sadly, when we are ignored in Albany, we see the real effects from this as well. For the past 16 years, our public schools and subways have been shortchanged millions of dollars in funding, and our mass transit system has become utterly broken. I'm ran because I want to bring funding back to schools and subways, make our streets safe for pedestrians, and protect our working families from unfair taxes and rent increases. It's time for a change.


Prioritizing Pedestrian Safety

Since the beginning of my career in public service, I have been committed to improving pedestrian safety.  As someone who was born and raised in Bay Ridge, I know firsthand how important pedestrian, bicycle and automobile safety is for our community — and I have a plan for how to make our streets less dangerous.

Fully funding our education system

Public education is the most important service government provides. It has enabled generations of Americans to realize their dreams.  Every student in New York deserves access to a free, quality education from Pre-K to college, so they too can achieve their goals.

Restoring Public Transportation

Our public transportation system is the lifeblood of our City. We rely on it to get to work, see our friends and family, and explore new restaurants and businesses. Despite this, many of our stations are inaccessible and unsafe, lacking elevators and featuring crumbling walls. We deserve a more modern and effecient pubilc transport system.