Andrew Gounardes Proposes New Specialized High School in Southern Brooklyn; Supports SHSAT and Calls for More Funding for All Public Schools

Translated Version Here: 郭納德反對改變SHSAT見意在魯克林南部建立新的專業高中.

BROOKLYN, NY; October 22, 2018 – Andrew Gounardes, Democratic State Senate Nominee for District 22, is proposing the creation of a new Specialized High School to meet growing demand and help end overcrowding in southern Brooklyn’s public schools.

“New York’s Specialized High Schools are the crown jewel of our public school system. We need to expand our Specialized High Schools so that more students can gain admittance to them. Last year, 28,333 students applied for just 5,067 seats in Specialized High Schools, meaning that even students who study hard and pass the entry tests are missing out. That’s not fair and it impacts overcrowding in all of our public schools, like my alma mater, Fort Hamilton High School, which is almost 200% over its capacity.

“Students from southern Brooklyn make up nearly a quarter of the Specialized School student enrollment, but our kids have to travel too far every day just to get to school. It’s time for a new Specialized High School right here in southern Brooklyn,” said Gounardes.

“Our local Brooklyn students are spending more than five hours every week commuting to and from Specialized High Schools in other parts of the City - when they should be studying, playing sports, or just spending that time with their families.  A new local Specialized High School would fix that.”

“I do not support efforts to change the SHSAT admissions test,” Gounardes continued. “I believe the better solution is to create more Specialized Schools, improve our elementary and middle schools, and invest in pre-K and the early years of education for all New Yorkers, giving everyone a better chance to be admitted to a Specialized High School.”

“I’m committed to working with the DOE, the State Education Department, teachers and principals to improve all of our public schools. That includes giving more resources to support school enrichment models, project-based learning, and expanding gifted and talented programs.  Our goal should be to make every school in our City a beacon of academic achievement and one that any parent would be fiercely proud to send their child to. That is why, among other things, I am campaigning on a platform to make New York State the first state in the country to constitutionally guarantee free quality public education from pre-k through college.”

“My opponent Marty Golden has been in office for nearly 20 years.  In that time, he has been complicit in cheating our children out of $62 million in school funding, according to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity. That is money our public schools urgently need for teachers, technology, textbooks, art and music classes, and after-school programs.  In contrast, I am proposing to give our children a truly world-class educational opportunity, close to home in southern Brooklyn.”