Prioritizing Pedestrian Safety

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Last year, 57 Brooklyn families lost loved ones to traffic crashes in Brooklyn, more than any other borough. While the rest of the city has seen pedestrian deaths decline, Brooklyn fatalities in 2017 were up nearly 12 percent. This is unacceptable. Brooklyn is first in many things – but pedestrian deaths should not be one them.

My plan to prioritize pedestrian safety includes:

  • Fighting for speed cameras in every school zone, because speed cameras save lives. 
  • Accelerating road redesign to make roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. 
  • Protecting our most vulnerable New Yorkers by advancing pedestrian ramp construction. 
  • Holding dangerous drivers accountable by suspending licenses for dangerous drivers with multiple violations so they can’t get back behind the wheel.
  • Increasing traffic enforcement so that dangerous drivers are held accountable.  
  • Requiring driving refreshers or defensive driving courses with every license renewal  so that drivers stay educated — and safe — throughout their lives behind the wheel.
  • Creating a “Safe Routes to Parks” program so that everyone can get to and from parks safely.
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