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New York lawmaker wants internet privacy protections for kids

Spectrum 1 News | BY NICK REISMAN | October 12, 2022

Digital advertising aimed at kids as well as the data collection of younger users would be banned under legislation proposed this week by state Sen. Andrew Gounardes.

The measure is meant to provide stronger protections for kids online and give parents more control over their children's digital lives.

The bill is being proposed after years of studies finding social media exposure can be harmful to children and teenagers, leading to mental health problems like depression. At the same time, the measure is meant to safeguard kids against drug sales and being targeted by abusers.

“In a world continually dominated by Big Tech, it is essential that we protect children from the darkest corners of the internet, and from the invasive predatory data collection and advertisement that too many tech companies engage in,” Gounardes said. "The Child Data Privacy and Protection Act will protect our children from digital dangers such as adults targeting illegal drug sales to minors, revenge porn attacks, and more.”

The bill proposes more access for parents to their kids' online accounts and requires tech companies to provide access to the user accounts of deceased children.


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