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Proposed protections for freelancers revived by New York lawmakers

Spectrum 1 News | BY NICK REISMAN | FEBRUARY 23, 2023

New York lawmakers are making a renewed push to bolster rights for freelance workers in the state.

The measure, a previous version of which was vetoed last year, is modeled after a New York City measure first approved in 2017. The bill would require freelancers are paid within 30 days of their work and provide help for workers who have to recoup unpaid wages.

“From Brooklyn to Buffalo, freelancers across New York deserve their rights as workers to be fully protected,” said state Sen. Andrew Gounardes. “As workers continue to unionize and stand up for their rights across the country, it is our responsibility as a legislature to recognize the needs of this too-often overlooked workforce, and make these protections law for all New Yorkers.”

The New York City law requires written contracts be given to any worker who is receiving more than $800 for their work and requires financial remedies if payment isn't fulfilled. Lawmakers want those protections to be statewide in order to guard against wage theft.


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