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State Senate passes sweeping gun license leg., Gounardes & other Dems strike back against SCOTUS

Brooklyn Eagle | By Daniel Cody | June 1, 2022

In a bold move against a recent Supreme Court decision striking down New York Pistol & Rifle Association v. Bruen, Gov. Kathy Hochul and the New York State Senate passed a series of reforms, the most sweeping in recent years, to address a sharp increase in gun violence across the country.

State Senator Andrew Gounardes spoke with the Brooklyn Eagle and mentioned that the Bruen decision indicates the “proper cause” or “may issue” doctrines that many states use to regulate firearm licensing are considered too subjective for the Supreme Court, but change requires reform “driven by federal legislation” for significant impact.

In addition, Gounardes mentioned that the legislation includes requirements of 16-hour training periods two hours of which must be live training, and a passing minimum score on an examination. Interviews with the State Department of Police, the presentation of character references and the review of social media and mental/health records now preclude the ability to acquire a firearm license, a merited response reflecting deep public sentiment for the regulation of firearms.


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