Protecting & Aiding Our Seniors

Our seniors built the foundation on which our neighborhoods thrive, strive, and achieve today. Yet many now face overwhelming obstacles to maintaining their homes, employment, independence, and connections to community. New York’s aging population is rapidly increasing, but our engagement and policy is not keeping up.

My plan to support and defend our senior communities includes:

  • Increasing employment opportunities for seniors who want to work by proposing a “G.I. Bill for Seniors.” This program will provide financial support to offset tuition and expenses for higher education and employment retraining. I will also build meaningful partnerships with senior advocacy groups to combat age discrimination in the workplace and in hiring practices.
  • Focusing on affordable housing which allows seniors to age in place or find housing in the neighborhoods they call home. We will achieve this through a legislative combination of property tax relief, rent increase exemptions, and expansion of eviction protections, while also developing new senior housing in our district and increasing awareness of government programs in our ageing communities. 
  • Providing tax incentives to family caregivers to help seniors and their families stay in their homes while providing needed care.
  • Protecting seniors from fraud by increasing educational outreach. There are many simple steps seniors and their caregivers can take to defend against scams which may rob them of their assets. I will build a comprehensive awareness campaign to reach seniors, including cyber security workshops and fraud protection checklists which can be used at home.
  • Creating a senior helpline to provide a compassionate support for seniors struggling with the social isolation that can accompany ageing. Studies reveal that such loneliness can lead to greater physical illness and and cognitive deterioration. By offering a simple call line as a direct point of social contact for seniors on their own, we can provide a defense against such premature decline.