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Ending the Nuisance of Obnoxious Car Exhausts and Mufflers

We all know “the sounds.” A car zooms by sounding like it has a jet engine attached to its back, or a muffler that backfires like a machine gun. These illegally modified vehicles wreak havoc on our quality of life, keep us up at all hours of the night, and make our streets more dangerous these vehicle owners speed their way across our streets. Noise pollution and dangerous driving is a problem all over New York, and needs to stop. 

The SLEEP Act 

We need to Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution and remove loud noise polluting vehicles from our streets. My legislation will substantially increase fines for anyone who illegally modified mufflers and exhausts, and holds the people who install those public nuisances fully accountable. 


But this is just the first step. I’ve also introduced legislation that creates a pilot program to install noise cameras that would automate the enforcement and allow NYC to finally tackle this issue once and for all.

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