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Street Safety

In my first year of office, we passed the School Zone Speed Camera Expansion -- re-authorizing and strengthening a program that is proven to save lives. But there is so much more we must  do to make sure that our city is safe and accessible for pedestrians, straphangers, cyclists and motorists. No one should live in fear of crossing the street or live in transit deserts where they can’t get to work. 


My vision to improve street safety and enhance mobility includes:

  • Holding reckless drivers accountable by making it easier to prosecute those who kill or seriously injure a fellow New Yorker. For far too long, there’s been a culture of impunity that makes it easier for drivers to get off without so much as a slap on the wrist, even when they injure or even kill someone. 

  • Making cars safer by passing my bill to mandate that they be rated for pedestrian safety, not just the safety of those in the car.

  • Improving driver education by passing my bill to make pedestrian and cyclist safety part of our drivers’ ed courses and to require an exam with every license renewal. By taking these simple steps we can ensure that drivers stay educated — and safe — throughout their lives behind the wheel.

  • Accelerating road redesign so that pedestrians and bike riders have safe spaces to walk and ride. By forcefully advocating DOT to speed up the Vision Zero plan, I will continue to fight to install protective features at our most high-risk corridors and intersections.

  • Protecting our most vulnerable citizens by expediting pedestrian ramp construction. Raised curbs and broken sidewalk ramps put seniors and people with mobility issues at risk, and they limit the number of accessible pathways. It’s been 30 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act passed. I’ll keep fighting to make sure New York honors it. 

Increasing traffic enforcement so that dangerous drivers are held accountable. Unpredictable driving behavior such as speeding, running red lights, pulling illegal U-turns, and double parking puts pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers at risk.

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