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There is a direct link between what happens in Albany and what happens in Southern Brooklyn. From funding for public education, to the MTA, to public safety, jobs and housing, state policies and leadership have very real effects on our lives here at home.


Sadly, when we are ignored in Albany, we see the real effects from this as well. We need to make our voices heard if we want our public schools and our mass transit system fully funded, our streets safe for pedestrians, and our working families protected from unfair taxes and rent increases.

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Support the

Data Labor Compensation & Accountability Act

New Yorkers understand that they are creating value for these tech companies and it is time they see a return of their own, on their own labor, on their own data.


Will you join our growing, bipartisan coalition of supporters?

Support A New Deal for CUNY

I believe that every New York City resident deserves the same opportunity for an affordable, accessible, world-class higher education.


Will you help us win quality higher education, free tuition, new modernized buildings, improved student mental health ratios, and more teaching staff for our city’s students?

Woman at Farmers Market

Marine Park Deserves a Farmers' Market!

Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach residents deserve fresh, high quality produce. I’m working hard to get one. I will continue to work hard to bring a farmers’ market to Marine Park — it’s time!


Sign below to tell the City to bring Marine Park a farmers' market now!


Pass and Enforce the SLEEP Act Now

Make some noise! My Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution (SLEEP Act) just passed the New York State Senate Transportation Committee!


We're one step closer to cracking down on obnoxious and deafening muffler and exhaust systems. But now we need your support to get it through to the Governor!

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