Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Former NY City Council Member and State Senator Gentile officially backs Gounardes

BROOKLYN, NY: Today, former City Councilmember and former State Senator Vincent Gentile officially endorsed Democrat Andrew Gounardes’ New York Senate campaign. Gentile’s endorsement lends Gounardes significant local political clout in his bid to unseat incumbent Marty Golden this November.

Gentile served Southern Brooklyn for two full decades — six years in the State Senate, then 14 years on the City Council — making him one of the most respected political figures in the borough. And he believes Gounardes can follow in his footsteps.   

“I have known Andrew since the start of his career,” Gentile said. “I have witnessed firsthand his passion, his dedication, his love for Brooklyn. I know from experience that it takes a special kind of person to make a difference in Albany, and Andrew is that kind of person. He is one of our bright future leaders who can make this city a better place for all.”

Gentile added that Gounardes’ race carries extra importance because of the stakes. “If Andrew wins, the Democrats can finally regain control of the State Senate. That would be a huge deal — it would allow us to start making real progress again. And Andrew would be one of the driving forces behind it.”

For his part, Gounardes said how honored he was to have Gentile’s vote of confidence.

“I can’t say enough good things about Vincent Gentile,” Gounardes said. “For 20 years he has exemplified what it means to truly serve one’s community. His support is absolutely invaluable.”  

Including Gentile, Gounardes has now garnered six endorsements. Previously, Assemblyman Peter Abbate, the Brooklyn Young Democrats, the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, the Chair of the Kings County Democrats and Run for Something all pledged their support to Gounardes’ campaign.

“To have such incredible advocates at this early stage of the campaign is humbling,” Gounardes said. “I can’t wait to see this list continue to grow as we build momentum this summer.”

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