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As kids spend more time online, they’re at risk from the dangers of social media: algorithms that automatically display harmful or toxic content, online predators, stalkers, sexual harassment, revenge porn, unethical and illegal business practices, and more. There are so few protections in place to help keep the internet safe for young people, even as story, after story, after story points to the dangers of the wild, wild web.

That’s why I’ve introduced the Child Data Privacy and Protection Act, which will finally put up enforceable guardrails to ensure the safety of — and protect the privacy of — children and teens online.

This legislation will protect children from digital dangers by limiting how companies can take advantage of children online, including banning the collection of children’s personal information, requiring companies to default to the highest privacy settings for young users, and banning targeted advertising geared toward children.

The bill also requires companies to display privacy policies and terms of service in accessible, easy-to-understand language, as well as requires developers of online services to create a system where users (and parents!) can report privacy and emergency issues and require them to prioritize civil and criminal subpoenas and warrants when children are victims of a crime.


I’m prepared to do everything I can to fight for our kids’ safety online, but I know Big Tech is gearing up to fight back. It’s going to take all of us fighting together to overcome their power and influence. If you support the Child Data Privacy and Protection Act please sign this petition.

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